Ring Of Fire

I’ve had this idea for a cover kicking around in my head for weeks now, and it’s been really bugging me. I was supposed to be doing other things tonight but for some reason I had to get this down instead. This afternoon someone said to me “what music would you rather be doing?” after a couple of folk projects on the trot. This is much closer to what I’d rather be doing!

The drums were built in Native Instruments Studio Drummer using the Garage kit. I’ve never used the Garage kit before on anything because I find it the worst of the Studio Drummer kits. It has a rough quality, which to be fair is what they designed it for, and that was exactly what I was after for once.

Ever since I worked on Blood & Honour for Bría McAllister I’ve been using Line 6’s Pod Farm 2 for a lot of virtual guitar amplification, so that’s what I went straight to for the bass and rhythm guitar tracks. Some classic 60s bass amp action, along with a variation on The Ramones guitar sound for the wide-panned rhythm guitars. I used the Brit J-800 amp head A LOT on this track.

The vocals went on next, with some overdriven distortion from the preamp and a touch of slappy reverb. Finally, messing around with lead riffs. It’s actually quite a long time since I recorded any electric guitar, and my Fender Strat had some quite nasty old strings on it. Pretty pleased with the results anyway though! More judicious use of Pod Farm here for distortion and amp modelling.

A bit of volume automation, and jobs a good ‘un. Short, nasty little recording but I kinda like it.


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