Coming in 2013

Eh, I’ve been neglecting this blog (and indeed music in general) recently. No excuses, just been busy with real work etc etc. However I do have a new project to announce here: I am currently working with Jamie Wakefield to produce his first solo album, Hit & Mist, which will be released in 2013.

For those who don’t know Jamie personally, you might remember him from the two tracks he penned for Visions Of A Dragon, widely regarded as two of the highlights of the project. I’ve already been listening to rough demos to the material and there’s some really great writing in there. All we have to do now is deliver a great sound!

In order to help us make this album, you can pre-order a special edition of the album, with an accompanying book of lyrics and artwork, from Jamie here.

I hope this will not be the only project I can announce soon, but for now, that’s all folks. 🙂


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