Dedications, that’s what you need.

Hello world, it’s been a while.

2013 has so far been an appalling year in practically every way, and without exaggeration just the worst time of my life. So much so that it’s taken me until nearly the end of August to really get back to being able to breath and think clearly.

However those who have been paying attention at the back may remember we talked in this post about an album release for this year. Not only did we make an album in my (totally unbiased) view we made a HELL of an album. We dipped a whole bundle of well-crafted fantasy folk tunes into a strange brew of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkle, Fleetwood Mac, Clannad, Levellers, punk, funk, folk and rock and pulled out something a bit unexpected.

Jamie Wakefield’s Hit & Mist came out this past weekend, and promptly sold it’s entire first printing run in just four days. … Whaaaaaat UP?!?

There will be another print run, and further copies can be obtained from the public Facebook page for the album launch. I believe Jamie will also be looking at the possibility of digital downloads in the future. Personally it’s still bizarre for me to hold in your hand some sounds you made in your back bedroom… and then give it to someone else… and they give you money for it. And when you see lots of people doing it… Mind. Blown.

What I never got any space to do was to put my own little comments and thoughts down about the whole project. So…


To everyone who bought the album, especially the preorderers. You keep independant music alive.

To all the musicians and singers who came in on their free time and gave it their all; especially those whose contributions ended up getting cut in whole or in part and took it with such good grace. You allow me to do what I love.

To Ronnie and Paul, who back when it started helped me mess about with tape machines in the living room – who knew?

To all the musicians who ever supported me, taught me, inspired me, or drove me to be better just so I could kick your ass.

To Char, for not understanding but being incredibly amazing anyway.

To Dan, Simon and Gwen who were there when it mattered.

To my dad, who showed me what music was and who never got to hear how it all turned out. I hope you would have liked it.

And of course, to Jamie; for his patience, for believing me a long 18 months ago when I said I could do this, and for providing such wonderful tales and tunes. For real.

Living the bloody dream, people.


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