Independent Music Mondays

“It’s never been cheaper and easier to make music. It’s never been cheaper and easier to distribute music. It’s never been harder to get people to pay for it.”

This is something that’s been on my mind for a little while now, for a variety of reasons. Being the type of guy who hangs out with independant musicians who don’t have label packing or huge fanbases, this sort of conversation comes up a lot. Income from downloads from services like Amazon and iTunes are down, streaming services pay artists basically nothing, and music venues and studios are offering less opportunities to artists than they used to. Just like many small business owners/self employed people, it is lean times for a lot of artists. Sure, there are innovative ways to make a living if you are a smart business person, but not all talented musicians are also great at business, marketing, production or the many other things involved in being a musician today.

But instead of moaning about it, let’s try (in our own small way) to do something about it.

The internet is a great tool for making people aware of artists you’ve never heard of. The more people who see a link, the more people will click the link, and the more people will find a new artist they like. So, every Monday for the rest of 2017, I will be using this blog to promote an independent artist. Not someone with a million subscribers already, but someone who I think is creating interesting work and deserves a little bit of your attention. There’ll be links to where you can listen to (and buy) their music, and all I’m asking people to do is check the artist out. Some I hope you’ll like and some you won’t, but if you like what you hear, buy a song or two. Leave some feedback on their site. Maybe tell your friends. Our support is what enables these artists to continue to make the music we enjoy.

So, that’s the plan for Mondays. We’ll see how it goes. If you have any suggestions for artists you’d like to see featured, or ones that you just think I might to listen to, post a comment below with the details. At the very least I promise to check them out. đŸ™‚