Music Mondays #2 – Mother Mooch

And here we are again! As detailed in my original post on the topic, every Monday I’m going to highlight an independent artist that I think deserves a bit of promotion and internet love. There will be a bit of blurb on each artist, links to where you can find them online, and my picks for an essential album and single track that you should check out even if you try nothing else. Hopefully I’ll make them sound interesting enough that you’ll click the link and show them some support or share their work with your own social network of choice. Let’s get stuck in to #2…

Mother Mooch

I’ve seen a lot of different genres thrown around to describe this Dublin-based band – fuzz rock, psychedelic rock, desert rock, doom-grunge – but I think the fact that they are a little bit different is why I keep going back to their album up every now and then. So, how would I describe them? If you were to imagine a female-fronted cross between Queens Of A Stone Age, Monster Magnet and Black Sabbath you’d probably be in the right ballpark, and damn it’s a really fun ballpark to be in. The band themselves clearly have a strong idea of what they want to be, and there’s plenty of variation in their debut album to keep you engaged and be pretty broadly appealing. Album opener The Tempest is a combination of moody grunge and balls-out desert rock, all fuzzy guitars and attitude and – while this isn’t the album for fans of shredding – whether grinding out thick grunge riffs on Misery Hill or providing clean, moody atmospheric hooks on tracks like Into The Water the guitar work here is always bold and effective. The tight rhythm section drives the whole thing along, the vocals are full and drip with character and attitude, the lyrics are full of dark themes – it’s a rich, heady mix which everyone should try once. I’m really looking forward to seeing where this band goes. Check them out!

Links, glorious links!  You can find the band at, and you can listen to and purchase their songs at their Bandcamp site.

Essential Album – This is pretty easy as at the time of writing they only have one full album out, Nocturnes, but it’s really good. You should listen to it.

Essential Track – Into The Water is probably the album’s standout earworm with it’s strong hook, but my personal pick is Misery Hill – a thick slice of Monster Magnet-style psychedelic rock.


Do you have a favourite independent artist that you think I should listen to? Drop a note in the comments and let me know, I don’t promise to use them all but I promise I’ll listen to every single one of them.


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