Making changes

*deep breath*

OK. Here’s the TL;DR version – in six weeks from now I will leave my day job to start my own business, doing music and sound full time. Also, as a side note, I might be insane…

Why do this, you may ask? Or you may not. You might be one of those people who thinks everybody should just immediately jack in their job and GO DO WHAT YOU LOVE! BTW – that’s not always as helpful as you think, but that’s another topic…

Well, it started when I realised that I had taken on way too much work than I had capacity for. I was trying to promote independent music, while also making independent music, and trying to start up a business, and keeping on top of practising three instruments, and keeping up to date with studio gear and software, and writing for LARP, and working out three times a week, and doing my best to be a good partner and son… all while I was also commuting for three hours a day, and paying about 25% of my salary every month for the privilege of doing so, and coming up with creative solutions at work, and coming home drained of any brain power…. and things started to pile up and get backlogged, and there was never any time to actually just chill and say, enjoy a movie or just hang out with friends before it was time to go to bed to make that early train. And then deadlines get missed, and things pile up, etc etc etc.

I thoroughly accept that there are people who literally do it all – get up at 5am, run their hobby/side business, go to work, come home, work out, play gigs at night, have relationships that work, go to bed and do it all again the next day. If that’s you, then you’re awesome and people like you blow my mind. I just can’t fit that many things in to one day and do them to a standard that I am willing to accept – and that breeds frustration.

It’s also worth noting that none of this would be possible without the support of my wonderful partner, who is not only an amazing and inspirational woman but is also making a success of what she does – and that gives me the chance for the first time to take mad risks without worrying about being responsible for making two people homeless. A lot of people aren’t in the position of drastically changing their life because they have people who depend on them in one way or another. I know how lucky I am in that regard.

So, in six weeks time I’m going to make some space in my life. I’m going to stop doing the things on that very long list that don’t inspire me. I love promoting music. I fucking love making music. I love sound design, and collaborating with creative people, and lifting weights, and messing about with music tech, and running this stupid hobby that is LARP. So I’m going to find a way to make a living out of that… and that is terrifying and possibly stupid. It’s also the most excited I’ve been about anything in years.


Six weeks and counting…



  1. I’ve seen you in action as a musician and a recording engineer and a writer for LARP. I have no doubt that you have the talent and the work ethic to pull this off. It is very easy to say “If there is anything I can do…” without having anything to offer, but, as it happens I do have an idea on what we might be able to do. I’ll have a think and I’ll message you.
    You are also correct that y

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